Our Beef

Beef Introduction

Our beef products are imported from Australia, selected from
only genetically superior British breeds, grazed
in Victoria`s green pastures.
This region is well known throughout the world for its ideal
climate and exceptional quality cattle.

Origin from Australia

We deal with one of the biggest Australian Meat
suppliers who has a wealth of experience in the
agribusiness and the meat industry.
We provide you with all-natural beef products which
have no added antibiotics, and processed under the
highest levels of hygiene and safe food handling.


All of our products are slaughtered, processed and
packaged in accordance with Islamic Rules and
certified by ICCV Halal Certification Scheme, Islamic
Co-ordinating Council of Victoria.

Our Story

  • As Muslims might face difficulties in
    finding reliable halal food resources,
    our headquarters advised us to start-up
    a new Halal Business Department by
    the end of 2020, in order to provide
    reasonable and safe Halal food in Oita
    and take the opportunity to connect
    with all Muslims in Japan
  • We started our project by importing
    halal meat from reliable suppliers, also
    we do wholesale and retailing in Japan.

    Considering our knowledge of the
    Japanese market and our diverse team
    members, and for the sake of giving
    support to Muslim communities and
    visitors to Japan, we are also interested
    in doing business in different fields.

Tomishiro Halal Foods

“We are reliable and we
prioritize sustainability when
sourcing halal food for
distribution in Japan.”

Our Halal business is operated by our Business Development Department,
which is responsible for importing and other business
activities. Also, the department is studying and considering any
possible chance for any project that gives help to Muslim
communities in Oita city. Thus, we strive to give good and safe quality
products at reasonable prices.

We are a central importer company
of Halal Meat products in Kyushu,
有限会社富城食品, Tomishiro
Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
focuses on providing a wide range of
delicious halal meat in Japan that
Muslims who come to visit or are
living in Japan can eat with peace of
Recently, we have launched a Halal
business group that aims to support
the Muslim communities in Japan and
visitors needs for Halal food products.

We always work to help Muslims to
develop new businesses in Japan.
Furthermore, we are willing to be
part of any business that brings
benefit for the Muslim community in
Our diverse team can help
customers with other services, not
halal meat,
Just ask!

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Considering the barrier we face in Japan, we are a reference for our customer,
helping to solve the customer problem. We support the language of Arabic, English,
Indonesian, Japanese, and Uzbek, so start with US!