Terms & Conditions

Article 1 (Membership)
  1. “Member” means an individual who applies for membership after accepting agreement condition and procedures that established by Tomishiro Halal Foods Co., LTD.
  2. “Member Information” means all information related to member attributes moreover the transaction history disclosed to Tomishiro Halal Foods Co., LTD.
  3. This agreement applies to all members and must be followed during and after registration.
Article 2 (Registration)
  1. Membership
    Customers who agreed to these terms and applied for membership will be qualified as members after completing the prescribed registration procedures. The member registration procedure must be performed by the member himself. Registration by proxy is not permitted at all. In addition, we may refuse membership applications from those whose membership has been revoked in the past or those who we judge to be inappropriate.
  2. Enter member information
    Please read conditions very well and be careful when you insert your information on its appointed blank. Furthermore, special symbols, old kanji, etc. cannot be used in your membership information. If these characters are registered, we will change them.
  3. For password management, following is applied
    1. The password can only be used by the member himself and cannot be transferred or lend to any third party.
    2. The Member is responsible to save the password and make sure to not be leaked to others, E.g. by changing the password regularly.
    3. The member authorisation that given to us to deal with the password is kind of manifest of intent, so all payments and purchases are under member’s responsibility.
Article 3 (Change and modification)
  1. If there is any change in member name, Address and other related matters, the member need to notify us of the changed As soon as possible.
  2. We are not responsible for any damage caused in result of not register the occurred change. Also, please note that even if the change of the registration is done, but if there any transactions that have already been processed before changing the registration will be performed based on the information submitted before the change.
Article 4 (Delete Account and unsubscribe)

When the member want to unsubscribe, the account holder needs to do the unsubscribe procedures by himself. You will be unsubscribed after completing the specified procedure.

Article 5(Loss of membership and liability)
  1. In case, the member made a false declaration when applying for membership or failed to pay the required payment obligation. Furthermore, if there is any other reason that we consider inappropriate as a member, we have the right to cancel the membership based on the mentioned reasons.
  2. In case of the following cases, the company consider to be in charge for the act and bear the all responsibility.
    1. In case of using the member number, password in unauthorised way.
    2. In case of any harmful access or in case our website sent any harmful software or monitoring any content Interfering with our business.
    3. Any kind of acts that breach the intellectual property rights of the products we deal with.
    4. Any other acts that breach the Terms of Use.
Article 6(Handling member information)
  1. In general, we do not disclose member information and data to a third party without receiving prior approving from the member. But, in the following cases, we might disclose the member information and other customer information without receiving any advance confirmation from the member.
    1. If disclosure is required by law.
    2. If we see that it is necessary to protect our rights, interests, reputation etc.
  2. Member information will be managed by us in accordance with our "Personal Information Protection system". Also, We will be able to use member submitted data for the purpose of deliver services to members, devolving service content, promoting services, all that in order to make sure of the prompt and smooth Services.
  3. we can send commercial and magazine via e-mail and other ways. if the member do not wish to receive any commercial e-mail or notification, please inform us according to the method prescribed by our company. However, the company cannot stop the commercial service based on member request.
Article 7(Prohibitions)

It is prohibited for member to conduct the following action.

  1. Violation of laws and rules related to this agreement, while shopping and using this service.
  2. Any action that might lead to damage in company rights, profits and reputation or any damages that might reach other parties.
  3. Acts that may affect the mind and body of minors, or other acts that are considered to be hurtful to society order and morals.
  4. Any acts that cause disturbing or harm to other users or third parties.
  5. Inserting false misleading information.
  6. Include and send harmful software and e-mails.
  7. Conducting unauthorised access to our servers and other computers.
  8. Sharing or lending the password to a third party.
  9. Other things that we might consider as an inappropriate.
Article 8(Service Suspension and stop, etc.)

In order to keep the operation of this service in good condition, we might suspend all or some part of the service without advance notification as following.

  1. In case of regular or emergency maintenance for the system.
  2. In case of huge load that put pressure on system.
  3. In case of difficulties to operate the system due to fire, power outage, damages that caused by a third party, etc.
  4. In case of other factor that we consider it very important to suspend the system.
Article 9(Change of service and cancellation)

We can change or cancel part or all parts depending on our decision.

Article 10 (Disclaimer)
  1. In case of any problem or failures in communication lines or computers, we are not responsible for any damages caused due to system interruption, delay, cancellation, data loss, unauthorised access to data, or any other damages caused to members.
  2. We can not guarantee that E-mails sent from our web-page, server and domain do not contain harm software and viruses.
  3. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the member's breach and noncompliance with this agreement.
Article 11 (Agreement review)

We have the right to revise and amend this agreement and we can update and review this agreement (hereinafter, called to as "supplementary agreement").Amendments or supplements to the agreement swill be effective after being posted on our designated site. Hence, the member shall comply with the revised terms and conditions.

Article 12 (Applicable law & court of jurisdiction)

If a dispute occurred on this agreement, the district court that has the authority to be jurisdiction over the location of our head office, shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.